Twisted Sisters

Of the three girls, Olivia hands down is the kid chef. Erin’s the eater, and Carrie, well at 4, Carrie’s just usually in the way in the kitchen. Today however, they all banded together to make homemade soft pretzels.

Since Olivia is already pretty darned accomplished in the kitchen, she started things off and made the dough.

My Dough Girl

Check out her arm muscles. She used all of them to knead this dough ball. The flowered apron also helped.

Next came the twisting, and that’s where the two younger girls entered the picture, putting their own spin on rolling and pretzel twisting.

They may have little hands, but these girls can twist!

Don’t they look good?! I can’t even say I took over and twisted these puppies. Nope, my girls got some pretzel twisting skilz.

The Final Product

And after 12 – 15 minutes, here’s how they looked. Sure, they’re not a deep, dark, golden brown, but they were still crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

You have to eat homemade pretzels hot out of the oven right? Anything else would be blasphemy. So even though it was lunchtime, these mammoth pretzels turned into our lunch.

Who needs things like fruits or veggies for a lunch right?


It was an all carb meal until my Jewish guilt kicked in and I cut up some watermelon triangles to go along with the mega pretzels.

Olivia’s been on a huge cooking kick recently, and as much as we want to encourage her to cook, it can be a huge pain. Sometimes, we just want to get a meal on the table, without the huge production a 9-year-old brings to that table.

At the onset of this cooking adventure, I was not excited about this, but by the end, I think I may have had more fun than the girls.

With the end of summer approaching us, I’m trying to make a point of having some memorable days on my days off work. Today was a memorable day at home, as much for me as it was for them.

Cooking Note:

This was a really simple recipe, and really good when you have some young helpers. Thanks to PBS for posting this recipe.

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