The Cook and His Sous Chef

It’s chilly here in Northern California. Not Minnesota chilly mind you, where growing up, I didn’t wear a jacket until the thermometer dipped below 40 degrees. Now after living in California for more than a decade I’m a certified cold weather wimp, and will layer up in thermal wear if it gets colder than 60 degrees. It barely hit 60 degrees today so a hearty fish stew seemed the perfect Sunday night meal to warm us up. That, and my sister-in-law sent a Vitamix, and we wanted to experiment with this new kitchen gadget.

In full disclosure, I did not lift a finger in cooking this meal. That was left to my husband. He ended up not using the Vitamix. Instead, he used Olivia who turned out to be way better than a high-priced, high-powered blender. They cooked downstairs, while upstairs I sat contentedly reading a novel. I would hear snippets of their conversation while amazing smells of garlic, cilantro, and fish wafted upstairs, causing my stomach to make ridiculous hunger noises. Most of the talk centered on the husband explaining the importance of correctly measuring out ingredients, and why you can’t rely solely on the timer to gauge whether mussels are done. My husband also tends to be more patient that me when cooking with the kids, so I only once heard him raise his voice over misread cooking instructions.

The misread mishap did not ruin the recipe in the least and everyone ate with gusto.


The meal not only warmed my belly, but it also warmed my heart to see my husband and daughter share their love of food by cooking together.

The recipe, courtesy of Andrew Zimmern was a hit. I highly recommend trying it even if you don’t have budding young sous chefs to help out in the kitchen.


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