This Post Brought to You By the Letter G

After a really long week spent in an urgent care, two ER’s, and finally a hospital with my oldest daughter, I couldn’t be happier to write a goofy post about reading a bedtime story with Carrie. I’ve missed this ritual for days, both literally and figuratively and it was great to get back to our normal routine.

Tonight, we read “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. It’s an oldy but goody, one we’ve read many times.



Up until now, I’ve dutifully read the book with Carrie, pointing out the snowy footsteps and ultimately the snowball that melted in the little boy’s pocket.

Tonight though was different. Instead of focusing on the story, Carrie decided to focus on the letter “g”. Every time she saw the letter, she would point to the letter on the page and squeal in her high pitch voice, “g!”. As cheesy as this may sound, her gleeful yell was exactly what I needed after a very long week. The first time I heard her squeal the letter I laughed. Then every time she spotted the letter g, I laughed louder. I’m sure she kept squealing to keep hearing my laughter, but I don’t care. It was a great sound that truly was music to my ears.

I admit at times reading bedtime stories can be a chore. By the time we get to this point, my patience with the kids is usually razor thin. I tend to race through the book in order to check off my last parental duty for the evening and get back to my glass of adult beverage. Not tonight though. Not by a long shot. Tonight, I savored it, just like I usually savor my glass of wine once the kids are down for the night.

I hope to remember this the next time I think maybe we can skip the bedtime story.


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