Nearing a Diagnosis?

As I sit here in the dark writing, I’m cringing as I listen and watch Olivia continue to get sick. Today marks the 22nd day since she’s been sick. It’s the 22nd day without an official diagnosis of what’s causing my beautiful, kind 9-year-old girl to go have violent episodes of vomiting. While we are still without an official diagnosis, I do have hope we are coming to one, and more importantly to making her feel better. Much better.

Last week, we saw another GI doctor for a second opinion. After doing a very brief examination of her, she looked at me and my husband and asked, “Did the neurologists check for migraines?” We shook our heads no. She then started asking more detailed questions about our daughter’s headaches. Sure, she’s had headaches, but we chalked it up to her throwing up for nearly three weeks straight. The first GI doctor suggested Olivia could possibly have abdominal migraines. Yes, there is indeed such a thing as abdominal migraines. And while she suggested that abdominal migraines could be a cause, she thought it unlikely given all of  her symptoms.

But this new doctor believes our daughter has regular migraines, but she can’t diagnosis it. That’s up to a neurologist. So, we are off to see yet another neurologist later this week. Until then, we are left to continue to watch our daughter battle severe pain. I won’t even try to say the pain I feel even remotely compares to hers, but it is agonizing watching her go through this, without being able to do anything to relieve her pain. I never thought I’d wish migraines for one of my kids, but for now that’s my wish. If she does indeed have migraines, at least we’ll have a plan of attack to get her healthy again.

Olivia continues to amaze me with her ability to deal with this as well as she has. She may not be able to eat anything, but she still loves helping us cook. I know if it were me, I’d be staying as far away as possible from the kitchen. Not Olivia. She’s not only helping to cook the meals, she’s also cleaning-up the mess left behind without us asking or even requesting assistance.  Clearly, she is sick. It’s just one of the many things she does to try to distract herself from her constant pain and discomfort. She’s also become a master of extreme connect the dots, and beats just about anyone who plays her in Mancala. She doesn’t wallow in her illness, instead opting to focus on what makes her feel good.

It’s a strategy more of us should use.

One thought on “Nearing a Diagnosis?

  1. Jeez! So sorry you are all going through this, especially poor little Olivia. Sending your family our best wishes for an answer and an uneventful holiday break!

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