My Amazing Oldest Daughter

If I were as sick as my oldest daughter, there’s no way in hell I’d be anywhere near the kitchen. Not Olivia though. Nope. She wanted to make cupcakes. She didn’t want to eat them, she just wanted to make and decorate them for others to enjoy. So three hours before her brain MRI, that’s what we did. She was bound and determined to finish the job, even if she wasn’t exactly herself. Olivia was a little confused and had numbness in her hands and legs, likely caused by her new medication. (At least I’m hoping) That didn’t stop her though, and after a couple of mistakes the yellow cupcakes were made.

Cupcake Creations

Next came the decorating. She was all geeked up over this part, no doubt because I let her use food coloring and she got to use a cake decorating kit to frost them. In theory, the battery operated decorator was a great idea, complete with six different tips. In reality, it was less than stellar. Honestly it was a messy pain in the heiny, but Olivia didn’t care, which meant I didn’t care.

decorated cupcakes

These “unique” cupcakes made her happy and distracted her enough to say the pain in her head went down from a 7.5 to a 5, so clearly they held some magic powers.

While Olivia happily finished decorating, I worried about her and her upcoming MRI. Would she be ok in that big machine? Would she lie still for 40 minutes? And most importantly, what would (or wouldn’t) the MRI show? I can answer the first two answers now. The last one will have to wait a couple of days. As expected, she was amazing. The machine makes god awful noises, horribly loud ones that you can’t block out even with headphones.  There were all sorts of noises, but the worst one sounded like a truck making that beep beep sound when backing up combined with an ear shattering knocking.  I know this because I was allowed in the room as she was undergoing the MRI. I didn’t have a headache when the procedure started, but I had a splitting one when it was complete. She went in with a pretty awful headache, and when she finished it was barely tolerable, but only I could tell. She didn’t complain once to the technician, nor did she move a muscle. And this was all done without any sedative.

Like I said, my kid is amazing.

One thought on “My Amazing Oldest Daughter

  1. I have been thinking about you and your daughter. I was hoping that I had missed a post that said she was back to her old self. You guys are in my thoughts and I will pray for a good answer and a quick solution. I hope that 2013 brings you all health and happiness.

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