The Road More or Less Traveled

There’s nothing much better than taking a hike during a misty, cool, winter day. It’s a peaceful escape from the regular chaos. Today, however, I brought the chaos with me.

photo 4-2
Bringing Chaos into the Woods

Peaceful these two girls are not, but I couldn’t in good conscience say no after the stress of sickness we’ve been enduring for the last month and a half. I’d love to say that Olivia is 100% recovered. She’s not, but she was bound and determined to enjoy the great outdoors with me and her youngest sister.


I Made It!
I Made It!

I’d say she more than achieved that goal.

photo 2-2

While this 2 mile hike may have invigorated her spirit, it didn’t heal her stomach or headaches.

As I write this, the husband is putting a load of sheets into the wash after Olivia got sick again. She was upset, but not about getting sick. She felt bad about missing the puke bag. That’s my oldest pleaser kid, worried about creating more work for us.

Her attitude will make me work that much harder to get her well again. While the test results slightly reassure us, her ongoing symptoms still concern us. Good thing we’re a family of fighters. We’re fighting for good health and more hikes.


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