On MLK Day it seemed only fitting our newest pets should be released into the wild. OK, I had nothing to do with it. While I was working on this national holiday, the husband took care of letting them fly the coop.



This moment was more than a month in the making,  and the girls got to watch the metamorphasis every slow step of the way.

Most times, it was painfully slow, like a long road trip when the kids ask every three seconds, “Are we there yet?”

But even I have to admit, it was cool to see the butterflies finally emerge from their cocoons. Once the process started, the girls didn’t want to miss a moment so they bellied up to the counter watching with rapt attention.


However, that attention quickly waned as they realized it was going to take more than five minutes before all five butterflies pushed their way out of the cocoons, so they did what most kids do these days when they’re bored.


I’d like to say they were learning more about caterpillars and butterflies, but nope, not even close. I think Erin was watching Woody Woodpecker and Carrie was playing Skyburger. Nothing even remotely close to being educational.

Still, this was hands down the sleeper hit Hanukkah gift of the season, one that brought smiles, wonderment, and entertainment for weeks.

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