The Magnificent Seven

Happy 7th Birthday Erin!

From tying your shoes in double knots to carrying numbers when you add, you have learned a lot in a year. Sure you can add, subtract, and read chapter books like a champ, but you’re also learning something just as important. How to have fun!

You love playing pretend, but you are no delicate princess. No, not you.



You are one fierce warrior, but aren’t afraid to show your peaceful side. That really sums you up. Fierce, yet peaceful. Even at seven, you stand up for what you believe in, but will go out of your way to be kind or lend a hand. You are a sweet soul who cares deeply about others. If you unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings or accidentally spill hot coffee on Daddy, your face crumples in anguish. It takes a lot of cajoling to get you to come out from under the dining room table.

When you do eventually come out , you’re off and running….. or rolling.



You enthusiastically, but cautiously try new sports. I’ve got a feeling that if you’re going to do something, you want to be good at it so you’re cautious until you master it. You take your time and are deliberate. Take skate boarding. You realized that you’re not immediately going to be doing tricks on a half-pipe, so you opted for a cruising board to get your balance.

Erin, you can still keep me guessing. Imagine my surprise when I heard you recently helped Olivia make homemade cinnamon rolls. You love to eat them no doubt, but you don’t usually like to bake them.

I’m having a blast watching you learn what you like, what you don’t, and seeing the sparkle in your eye when you figure out a tough math problem or finish reading a long chapter. I love hearing you exclaim, “Finally!” once you get to that last page.

You’ve had one heck of a year hitting so many milestones while missing a couple of teeth.


I can’t wait to see what this next has in store for you.

I love you!



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