Birthday Party X 2

I’m not above outsourcing a kid’s birthday party. I’ve done it many, many times and look forward to doing it again in the future. For Erin’s 7th birthday however, she wanted to have it at home, with a magician. After seeing David Copperfield perform in Vegas, (don’t judge people!) she was geeked up on the idea of having one perform at her party. Plus, she really hoped to see someone get cut in half, which didn’t happen at the Copperfield show.

The Amazing Erin
The Amazing Erin

This kid was due for a good birthday bash. Last year, only about a quarter of the people invited to her party showed up to the outsourced bounce house party, so this year I wanted to make sure she had a successful shindig. I had grand plans which included purchasing my first (and hopefully last) hot glue gun. I even went on Etsy and bought magic themed printable templates. I was way out of my usual comfort zone of non craftiness.

Most importantly, I used Yelp to find a magician. I found what I thought was the perfect guy, one who was funny and did magic tricks. He got great reviews and responded to my emails in a professional and timely manner. After paying a deposit, I booked him for the big day.

With help from the girls and the husband, we decorated the house and whipped up magical eats.

Magical Treats
Magical Treats

Kids started arriving around 11:30, ate lunch, and eagerly awaited the big magic show. The magician was supposed to show up at noon to set up. Well, 12 p.m. came and went without any magician. So did 12:30. At that point, the husband and I began frantically calling and emailing said magician while still trying to entertain a dozen plus kids. I have to give the husband serious props. He kept the kids occupied with a stomp rocket and remote-controlled motorcycle. It was really quite impressive. By 1 p.m. we realized the magician pulled a disappearing act on us.

We gathered all the kids to the kitchen for a round of Happy Birthday and cupcakes. Bless Erin’s heart, she was doing all she could not to lose it at her own birthday party.


After everyone sang Happy Birthday, Erin took her cupcake and went under the dining room table. Several of her friends followed her under the table and succeeded in cheering her up.

The husband then continued the cheering up and led the kids in a dance party, Gangnam Style. Olivia and a couple of other older girls also performed an impromptu magic show.

Three hours after he was supposed to show up, and well after all the kids left, the magician called to apologize. He claimed he had car trouble, but I wasn’t having it. I was livid and let him know it. I also let everyone who checked him out on Yelp know it. About an hour after he called, he showed up at our house to personally apologize to Erin and asked to make things right by giving us a free show at a later date. (He did promptly return our deposit) At that point, we were all over it. Another bust of a party. Plus, Erin was amusing herself with her birthday gifts.

The next day however, we changed our minds and allowed him to try to redeem himself by scheduling him to come back the following Saturday. He also wanted me to delete my negative Yelp post. This all meant we had to host another party. For 6 and 7 year olds.

This time, there were no powerful pretzels or abracadabra cupcakes, just pizza and cookies. We also set expectations very low in case the magician vanished into thin air again.

But lo and behold, he showed up. Actually, he was early.


And he was entertaining.


And best of all, he made my kid’s night. Better than seeing a magician cut someone in half, she experienced it first hand.


Which is why I won’t be outing the magician on this blog, and why I deleted the Yelp review.








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