Breaking in the Braces

We knew this day was coming. In fact, it was supposed to come last week, but a sick orthodontist postponed the inevitable for a week. Today, Olivia was set for a rite of passage millions of tweens go through every year. She was getting equipped with new hardware. I wouldn’t say she was excited about getting the braces, but she wasn’t stressed or upset about it either. So with very little fanfare, I dropped her off at the orthodontist.

When I returned about 20 minutes later with her younger sisters in tow, she was already reclined in the orthodontist’s chair. I only peeked in once and she gave me a shiny grin.

It must not have been too bad because when she was done, Olivia let me take her picture.

All Shiny Smiles
All Shiny Smiles

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these braces are a far cry from what I had at her age. Braces now have a little bit of a cool factor because you can pick any color you want. Olivia picked teal. We’re hoping she’ll only have one round of braces, and the retainer on her lower teeth will be good enough to prevent braces on the bottom. We do have two other girls who will very likely get outfitted with braces too, and even though the technology is improving, the price isn’t.



One thought on “Breaking in the Braces

  1. WOW, braces! Both my son and husband had braces put on (and taken off) at the same time. Can you say KA-CHING? And Abby is not too far behind. Olivia looks adorable with hers and hopefully, she wasn’t in too much pain — need more pain like another hole in our head, huh? And yes, braces have come a looong way. I had head gear in the 6th grade … scarred for life! 🙂

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