My Sk8R Girl

For Hanukkah, Erin asked for and got a skateboard. It was a big deal. Her dad took her to a skateboarding store and let her pick out her board. She came home with all the skateboarding gear. The pads, the helmet, and of course the skateboard. She was one excited kid.

On the inaugural ride out, her excitement waned. Skateboarding was hard. She was nervous.  No matter how many pads she was sporting, Erin didn’t want to fall.


So after a few weeks, the skateboard got less and less use. Erin was pretty gun-shy about taking it out in the neighborhood. Then about a month ago, I noticed a skateboarding class offered through our community parks and rec department. I asked Erin if she wanted to take it. She was not interested, but I was interested in her using her skateboard so I pushed the issue. She finally relented and I signed her up for the class.

We showed up on the first day of the class at the Phil Shao Memorial Skate Park and she was nervous. I could understand why. I know next to nothing about skateboarding and the ramps looked big, steep, and downright dangerous. There were plenty of fearless kids doing tricks and Erin looked at them with obvious apprehension. Ever observant, Erin watched those kids like a hawk, probably wondering how they got the nerve to try moves like Tony Hawk.

When it was time for the class to begin, I was psyched to see another 7-year old girl signed up. The instructor was fantastic. He acknowledged the skate park looked a little scary, but  promised the kids would be zipping down the ramps in no time. With the exception of the other girl in the class who couldn’t wait to ride, I think we all were a little skeptical, but lo and behold, with a little hand-holding Erin was going down the ramp in the first lesson.

Fast-forward to this week and Erin was raring to go.  As cool as her lime green Penny skateboard is, apparently it’s mainly used for cruising so her instructor Johnny was kind enough to bring an extra trick board for her to use. I’m not sure if it was the board or the new-found confidence, but check out what she did in her second week of lessons.

She’s still got a lot to learn, but she’s no longer afraid. She’s also the new owner of a trick board, which Erin bought herself with her birthday money. I think her Dad just inherited a new lime green Penny skateboard. Or maybe one of her sisters.

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