Mother’s Day 2013

The phrase food feeds the soul has never rung truer during this Mother’s Day. With the last several weeks spent in doctors appointments, emergency rooms, and hospitals, I needed a soul feeding day and that’s exactly what I got. No doctors. No appointments. Just family and food. Lots of food.

In years past, the husband spearheaded the entire menu, but this year our 10-year old budding chef decided she was going to take care of breakfast. Scones are her specialty, but for Mother’s Day she came up with a new concoction. Maple pecan scones.

Scones made with love
Scones made with love

Oh yes, and bacon. And coffee. The younger girls did their part and dutifully ate the scones and shared the last piece of bacon without complaint.

It was a picnic perfect day in the Bay Area with a bright blue cloud-free sky and the temperature in the mid-80’s.  So that’s what we did. We picnicked.

photo 5

And we played. And we ate some more.

Then we came home to play some more.


Well, they played and I took pictures. And the husband ran errands.

Then we ate again. A seafood boil,

photo 3

made mostly by the husband, but eaten by all of us.

photo 2

It was a perfect Mother’s Day. I could not have asked for anything more.

I am one lucky wife and mother.

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