The List

I’m not usually one for making lists. I’m more of a wing-it kind of gal, one that will go to the grocery store to pick up milk, fill up a cart with food, only to leave sans milk because I didn’t make a list. My kids tend to take after their Dad when it comes to lists. They like to make ’em and yesterday, with help from her Dad, Carrie made one that is the list to end all lists.  When I got to work yesterday morning, the husband texted me this picture and said, “Someone’s going to be very busy tomorrow!”

The List
The List

Shockingly, her writing is pretty good for a 5-year-old and looks eerily similar to the husband’s. The writing may be his, but the words are all hers. This is a list of things “To Do with Mommy.” Of course, there’s a story behind the genesis of this list. Since Carrie goes to a Jewish preschool, she gets all sorts of random days off for semi-obscure Jewish holidays. Today she was off for Shavuot. (Yeah, I had to look it up too.) That meant we had a rare Thursday morning when it was just going to be me and her, and my girl had plans for us. Big plans. Plans that included playing. Lots of playing, and drawing, and painting, and fort building. I’m happy to say, we got through most of this list, and then some.

When I first realized she didn’t have school on one of my days off from work, I admit, I was less than thrilled. I look forward to my Thursday and Friday mornings when I’m not at work and I don’t have the kids. I get things done without little people asking me a million questions, or the little people fighting with each other. I have quiet. I love the quiet!

So this was not a quiet morning, but it was one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve had in a long time. And while we did do a lot of the things on the list like playing games, drawing, 


and building forts, we also strayed from it. Part of it was for selfish reasons. We were out of milk so I had to make a Trader Joe’s run. This time though, with a certain 5-year old reminding me, I remembered the milk! I also had to return a very overdue library book, so we made a special trip to the library, just me and her. 

Then we headed out to lunch.

Sushi and lemonade. What a combination.


As we walked into the restaurant, Carrie had a huge grin on her face. She was happy. In between munching away on her edamame and slurping down her big gulp sized lemonade Carrie admitted to me, “Mommy, this place is much better than Old Spaghetti Factory.” For her to make that declaration, this had to be one good lunch, and it warmed this sushi loving mom’s heart. Plus, I hate Old Spaghetti Factory. 

After lunch it was almost time to pick up the other two girls from school. At that point Carrie whined, “But we didn’t do everything on the list.” We didn’t, but I figured we could squeeze in a couple of minutes of playing outside at a neighborhood park.


I didn’t want to end our day with whining and seeing her happily swing away for five minutes was worth the detour.

Carrie’s list has got me thinking maybe I should start making lists. Not grocery lists. That won’t happen. But maybe lists of things I want to do with the kids. Or things I want to do with the husband. Or even things I want to do for myself. I think I’ve got a lot of lists to make.

2 thoughts on “The List

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your article, Liza. I TOTALLY know what you mean about enjoying the quiet without the kids, if only to do the mundane things without a million interruptions. But these moments are precious and so wonderful for the spirit. Especially when much of our lives are filled with not-so-fun doctor/hospital/lab visits. I like Carrie’s list-making ways – I do grocery lists but need to make fun ones with my kids, too. Thanks for sharing! 😃💛

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