Boobie Basics

I’ve got a ‘tween girl living with me and as far as I can tell, she’s not going through puberty. Yet. Yet. If her moodiness is any indication, I’m probably days away. I’ve had “the talk” with her multiple times and it’s just as embarrassing for me as it is for her. Last night we had another “talk,” this time about boobs. At this point, she told me she wished she had an older sister so she wouldn’t have to have an awkward conversation with me. That’s when Erin piped in to save the day. She said she heard me telling Olivia about the important facts about boobs. She then offered to remind her big sister about what she called the boobie basics.  She even put it into a top five list. Here it is:

  1. Boobs need bras. It’s important to know that bras come in cups and numbers.
  2. Never take off your bra, lift your shirt, and show your boobs to boys. Ever.
  3. Don’t get surgery on your boobs.
  4. Don’t poke things with your boobs.
  5. Have fun with your boobs.

Erin was mighty proud of her list. She may have stuck in the last two just to get to five, but I applaud the seven-year-old’s effort, plus she mostly got it right. I also appreciated her helping out both her mom and big sister. Olivia still didn’t want to talk boobs and dubbed the talk the double b. At least now she knows double b is a cup size.


One thought on “Boobie Basics

  1. Heard about this at lunch last weekend and finally got your lost blog address from Reuben. I got one better. Growing up without a father in my teens, a mother who was too embarrassed to speak the word sex, and then an older brother who was off in the navy. The best I got from him was a letter that when he was in town we would double date and he would show me some tricks with the women.

    I thought I was on the list to get email notifications, but thats OK, I’ll look at the archives and will check this from time to time. Happy birthday.
    The only thing about giving my personal e mail for this message is that google will send this message to their relevant advertisers…I expect I will get a message from a hooker offering to sell me a trick!

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