Election Loss

Losses are tough. It’s part of life, sure, but even now I hate losing. I’d venture to say the only thing I like less than losing, is seeing the heartbreak in one of my kid’s eyes when they lose. That happened this week when Olivia found out she narrowly lost the election for Student Council Vice-President. When I say narrow loss, I’m talking about three votes. It didn’t help that Olivia was among the students who cast a ballot for her opponent.

There was plenty of anticipation about this election. She was excited. She made flyers and crafted what can only be described as a one-of-a-kind poster.


She gave a speech, although she wouldn’t tell us what she prepared. When I asked, I got the triple-whammy. A look, an eye-roll, followed by, “Mom, No!”  While I didn’t love all the attitude and angst leading up to the election and the outcome, I give the kid major props. This was all her idea and she was really excited. The election was held last week, but in what felt reminiscent of the 2000 election, we had to wait a week for the outcome.  When she found out she lost, she was crushed.

Yes, all kids need to learn about winning and losing. Yes, the husband and I talked to her about learning from this loss, but we also said it’s OK to feel bad. Losing sucks, but promised her that sucky feeling will eventually subside, and this loss will make her next win so much sweeter. Let’s hope she believes us.

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