Crab Season

You may have turkey on the brain this time of year, but this weekend we didn’t go shopping for Thanksgiving fixings. Instead, we headed to Half Moon Bay for crab.


It was a glorious day, complete with a clear blue sky and the temperature hitting nearly 70 degrees. But we weren’t here for the view. With my in-laws leading the charge, we were on a mission to buy fresh crab, right off the boat.



The mission didn’t take long at all, just a few minutes as we strolled along the docks trying to decide on the best boat. As is custom with my in-laws when it comes to cooking, they buy big. In this case, we left the dock with 15 snapping crabs. 


For good measure, they also bought clams and oysters. Hey, they live in a land locked state, so they were taking full advantage of the availability of fresh seafood. Plus, we are all big fans of clam chowder, and there was a Thomas Keller recipe for clam chowder that I wanted to try. As with all Thomas Keller recipes, this one was complicated and involved many, many steps, as well as lots of butter, cream, and bacon to go with the clams. 



And it was divine, probably some of the best clam chowder I’ve ever eaten.

The in-laws were kind enough to take care of cleaning and cooking the crab.



They cooked it two ways. Steamed and fried. While both were delicious, I’m partial to simple steaming. The girls ate with gusto, but I’m not sure what they liked more, eating it or cracking it.



We cleaned our plates, used piles and piles of napkins and paper towels, and were over-the-top stuffed from all the good eats. And yes, we still have plenty of leftovers, which will most likely be used for crab cakes tonight. 


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