Erin The Great Eight

Happy Eighth Birthday Erin!

Oh what a year it has been for you, my sweet sassy girl. You’ve not only grown in inches, but also in confidence. I’ve seen it on the fake snow ski runs at Tahoe…

Showing off your skiing skills

and on the soccer fields of Redwood City. Sure it may have taken some bribery of candy and cupcakes to get you to score a goal or two, but you are nothing if not highly motivated by your sweet tooth. You must take after me.

You haven’t just shined in sports. Your Dad and I couldn’t be prouder of you as we watch you excel in school.


You are one smart cookie, and you know it. You like being right. What you don’t like however, is being wrong, or even worse, having someone correct you when you make a mistake. Good thing it doesn’t happen often because no one is tougher on you than yourself.

You can also be tough on your sisters, but for as much as you fight with them, it is sheer joy for me to watch you all play together. It will never get old  when I drop you and your sisters off at school, peek in my rearview mirror, and watch as you and Carrie climb out of the backseat and hear the two of you giggle while running onto campus. I’m sure you’ll never admit it, but I know you will always keep an eye out for your little sister, just as your big sister will always keep tabs on you. Don’t worry, Olivia will never admit it either.

You are getting to an age when you’re thinking about what you want to be and what you want to do when you grow up. So far, traveling the world or writing a novel top the list. You’ve also suggested that you could write a novel while traveling the world. See, you are smart, turning your top two choices into one magnificent idea. I haven’t forgotten that you’ve promised to take me to Australia as soon as you can afford to buy two plane tickets to the land down under.

As much as you enjoy playing sports, you really LOVE watching sports with your Dad. You got into the Missouri Tiger’s stellar football season ALMOST as much as he did, and you both mourned the San Francisco 49’ers just falling short of the Superbowl. It took Dad taking you to just one Golden State Warriors game to get you hooked on pro hoops.


And although they didn’t come through with a win on the eve of your birthday, I’ve got a feeling this will be a memorable year for both you and them.


I’ve loved watching you grow and learn and come into your own this year, Erin. You’ve managed to surprise, delight, and yes, drive me crazy too. You’re one of a kind and I wouldn’t want you any other way.

I love you!



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