Head Scratcher

My head itches right now. Its been itching ever since I spotted lice in my youngest daughter’s hair. It doesn’t matter that an incredibly generous and kind friend checked my hair piece by piece to see if any of the little buggers decided to call my scalp home. (They didn’t, at least not yet, or that she could see.) This is the same friend that volunteered to take my daughter home from school and delouse her. I didn’t even hesitate to say yes.  I’d love to say if roles were reversed, I’d offer to do the same thing, but I’m pretty sure I’d wish her good luck and run in the other direction while scratching my head. Little did she know what she was volunteering to do. While I was miles away at work getting grossed out, this Patron Saint of Lice was treating my kid’s head. It was so bad she had to call in reinforcements from another friend, who without a second thought not only shared her supplies, but came over and helped out. I’ve always known these ladies are awesome, but oh my god, I really don’t know who would volunteer to do this. I did thank them both profusely, but also thanked them with something that could also drown those nit picky pests.

The lice killing kits are for my family. The Skinny Margaritas are for the fabulous friends
The lice killing kits are for my family. The Skinnygirl Margaritas are for the fabulous friends

As I said, this same friend came over to my house tonight to check my hair. Then she double and triple checked my other two kids’ heads, who miracle of miracles, so far do not have it. I may be singing a different tune tomorrow morning when we comb through their hair in the sunlight.

Lice happens. It happens to millions of kids every year. It happens so often that schools are changing their policies on kids who show up with lice. It was a story I pitched in our morning meeting a couple of weeks ago after I received yet ANOTHER notice of head lice in one of my kids’ classrooms.   I’m not sure where my kid got the lice. School? Maybe, but maybe not. It could have come from anywhere, except the dog, because lice only stick to humans, not animals. It’s true, according to the CDC.

The critters burrowing themselves in my daughter’s head may have made my skin crawl, but except for the itching, it didn’t really bother her. After I gave her my expert diagnosis, she yelled to her sisters, “It’s official! I have lice. Throw away the brushes!” It was almost like a badge of pride, like when I was a kid and my mom found a lone chicken pox on my butt. I remember thinking, “Finally!” Who knows, maybe someday people way smarter than me will come up with a lice vaccine, just like they did for the chicken pox. Until then, I’m just thankful for my wonderful friends who didn’t shy away from my cute but lousey kid.





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