Graduation Day


To Olivia on what I hope will be the first of many graduation days,

You’ve got the ugly green graduation gown and one final Friday before you say adios to Kennedy Middle School. I think I can safely say you’ve made it through relatively unscathed. Sure you had a few rough patches with friends and shed more than a few tears along the way, but you worked through it.  That’s an accomplishment in itself!  If you can get through middle school still smiling on the very last day, which I know you will, you’re doing something right.

I still remember your first day of middle school. I’m not sure who was more nervous, me or you. (Ok, it was probably me.) It seemed so much bigger than elementary school where there was so much more unknown. You embraced that unknown and found your way, making new friends, but still keeping many of your best buds from Adelante.

Your classes got harder, especially when it came to math, and there may have been some more tears shed as the minutes ticked by as you tried to figure out your homework. Somehow kiddo, you persevered. I also learned a few important lessons along the way, mainly to stop nagging you about your grades. My calming down made the entire house calmer, and I hope resulted in less stress for you. Did you get all A’s? Nope, but you did just fine. More than fine, actually. You made the honor roll almost every trimester, but what I care about more than any honor roll is knowing that you’re doing ok emotionally.  Be sure to remind me of this in high school next year.

Speaking of high school– you will soon head off to a brave new world that’s less than a mile away from our house. Sequoia High School! I know you’ve mentioned several times over the last few months about how “you’re so over middle school.” I can’t blame you. Remember though, high school will have many more land mines you’ll have to try and avoid.

You’ve done a great job up to this point of surrounding yourself with good friends. You’re a pretty good judge of character and that trait will go a long way in high school. You’re also a kind soul. I started to write gentle too, but realized there’s nothing gentle about you. When you do something– whether it’s cooking a meal, creating a collage on one of your bedroom walls, or writing letters to your friends– you do it with gusto!

You’re also pretty hilarious, and you’ll be the first one to tell someone how funny you are! I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously, but make sure you show people you’re full of substance, not just silliness.

A big, bright future awaits you. I can’t wait to watch you seize it with wide open arms.

I love you!



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