18 Years and Counting

On this week 18 years ago I gave my real phone number to a random, but cute guy I met at a karaoke bar. That led to a first date exactly 18 years ago today, then a second date, and nearly six years later, a marriage. In that span of time we also moved too many times for my old brain to count, owned two dogs, had three daughters, and changed jobs ten times between the two of us.

Those are usually way too many numbers for this journalist to keep track of, but it adds up to one hell of a ride.┬áSure it hasn’t always been a convertible top down with the wind blowing through your hair kind of ride, although we’ve had plenty of those. There’s also been our fair share of I’m just holding on for dear life and am scared shitless rides too. My math may sometimes be fuzzy, but I clearly know ┬áthere’s no one else I’d want to join me on this journey.

Here’s a look at what we looked like all those years ago.

The Early Years

Sure, I had a lot less hair and he had a little more, and our kids wanted to know why we were wearing those funny clothes, but he makes me smile almost as much now, as he did all those years ago.

No doubt giving him my real phone number was the best decision of my life.

Happy 1st Date Anniversary!