4th of July Block Party

I’m a sucker for good old-fashioned fun, and nothing says fun like a 4th of July block party. I know I’m a bit partial, but I think our block party is one of the best. It’s one of the rare times when I let my kids run amok without any concern for their safety. Since the street is blocked off , I let the kids do what they do best, be kids.

There’s no shortage of  fun-filled things for the kids to do, besides running amok. First, there’s a big honking water slide, which I’m told was super-fast but super-fun. I took their word for it.

Even Teenagers Like Waterslides
Scary, but Fun!

There’s also a dunk tank, and a band which was set up right in front of our house.

Good food is a given. Van’s a pretty darned good grill master, and I’ve never heard any complaints about his tri-tip. I’m also known for trying new recipes on my guests, so this year I made an arugula watermelon feta salad which I must say was pretty tasty. The P90X diet went out the window for the 4th, especially since one of our guests is known for his deserts. He didn’t disappoint with his ‘smores bar concoction. It was worth the obscene amount of calories I’m sure the square I ate contained.

We also have great neighbors. You have to appreciate when your next door neighbor is more than willing to go in on keg with you. We didn’t quite finish it off, but we gave it a good college try. Yeah, beer is not part of the P90X diet either.

Even with us trying to relive our college years with the keg, this year’s block party seemed a little more subdued than in year’s past. Maybe it’s because the 4th fell on a Monday and a lot of us, me included, had to work the next day. It may have been a little quieter, but it was still a fantastic block party. It may feel a little old-fashioned, but you’ll never see me complaining about old-fashioned fun.